“Well-crafted drama…a film of inspiration for today.”

– Peter Hallinan, IMDB

“This compelling movie is a must-see, not just for Methodists, or even Christians, but for those that may have turned away from religion.”

– Jeri Nolan Givens

“Beautifully filmed…the acting is excellent!”

– P. McGuire, IMDB

“On a dramatic level Wesley ranks several notches above recent faith-based productions…”

– Bill Fentum, UM Reporter

“Acting, music, cinematography and story stacks up with the best of Christian films…a class act!” 

– John Smith, Reading Eagle

“This movie may just stir you to deepen your spiritual roots. How many films do that?”

– Dove Foundation Review

“The movie envelopes you…it portrays Mr. Wesley in a way that most have never envisioned him.”

– IMDB Comment